The Role of Prime Minister in Any Government

In places where democracy exists, most likely the prime minister is the head of the ruling party. The role of prime minister in any government varies from country to country.

Role of Prime Minister

role of prime minister

He/She is the main person who is criticized first for every decision that his government takes. The prime minister is said to be leading the front and his powers differs as per the constitution of respective nation. In some countries like India the prime minister is the supreme head of the government enjoying many superior powers as compared to the president. On the other hand the president is the head of all the military forces (Air, navy, infantry) however he does not plays any special role in the political decisions to be made.


The Prime minister is selected by the members of the winning party internally, after a fair election among the various candidate parties, on the basis of his qualities and leadership skills. Therefore, the prime minister represents the trust and faithfulness of the people. Certain times no party gets the full majority that’s why parties forms coalition government. In which several parties join hands to form the majority in the parliament. Here again the Prime Minister is elected on the basis of common votes and by discussions and debates. In the government formed by alliances everything not always goes on track. If the Government took some decision that is not favored by the alliances then there is always the fear that the alliances can take back their contribution and this may lead to crises. So here comes another role of Prime Minister that is to maintain harmony among the alliances and if some non-corporation happens then he has to find middle path among the set of demands.

With these hectic roles and shifts, the power that encourages and helps him to find a way all around with his full concentration is the love and support that he gets from his people.